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Horse Classification

We need to be able to classify your horse in order to choose the appropriate set of nutrient requirements. To do that, we need you to tell us a little bit about your horse.

Please provide the information or choose the option that best describes your horse.

Horse Age

Enter the age of mature horses (greater than 2 years old) in years. Enter the age of horses less than 2 years of age in months. The age will be used to look up reference values for weight and average daily gain (ADG) if known values are not entered.

Horse Breed

Choose the breed (or type) of horse that most closely describes your horse.

Horse Gender

Choose your horse’s gender. A Filly is a young female horse whereas a Mare is a mature female horse. A Colt is young, uncastrated male horse. A Stallion is a mature, uncastrated male horse. A Gelding is a castrated male horse.

Horse Classification

First, choose the main classification that best describes your horse's situation (Mature-Idle, Performance, Pregnant, Lactating, Breeding Stallion, Growing or Senior). Then, if necessary, choose the subclassification that describes your horse best. This may be a performance discipline or exercise intensity, stage of pregnancy, lactation or growth. Senior or veteran horses that are not in work should be classified as Senior; those that are in regular work should be classified as Performance.

Horse Name

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